Race Types

*Each Race type includes up to a maximum of 10 racers

Weekly Heat Races

There are 3 main types of weekly heat race, each awarding differing amounts of points depending on finishing position. Points contribute to a race team's overall leaderboard tally:
  • Trait of the Week (TotW)
  • Tier Races
  • Free For All (FFA)


Every week, the top 20 teams on the leaderboard will be entered into playoffs. Playoff races all operate in an elimination format, with a certain number of racers progressing depending on race type/stage.
*In the case of a tie for 20th, all tied teams will compete in a tie-breaker. The winner of which will progress to one of 2 semi-final races.
  • Tie-breaker: 1st place racer progresses
  • Semi-Final: 1st - 4th place racers progress
  • Finals: All except last place racer progress.


A series of 9 elimination races. Last place eliminated each round to determine top 10 places.
Weekly Races Overview

Special Events

The Ocean Racing League hosts periodic leagues and tournaments. The format for special events such as these will be will be specified on a case by case basis. Many are either individual racer events or have a cap on team size. Almost all have exclusive requirements for entry.
*Stay up to date with special events via our social channels
Shark Week
The ICY 5
Hawaii Hi-Lo
Shark Week 2023