**Though the Ocean Race League racing platform is fully functional, it is under constant development as we build V1.0. We are therefore in Beta testing mode until further notice.

How it works

There is a limit of 10 racers per race and no limit to how many races will be run in weekly racing. Each race will take about 15 seconds and there are often hundreds each week. Racers compete as a member of a team, their individual result contributing to the teams combined score.
**GOAL: Reach the top 20 on the weekly leaderboard to qualify for playoffs by accumulating points in 3 different types of heat races. (see ‘Race Types’)
Racing Progression Visual
All heat race wins will receive one pre-determined amount of $MATIC & $PEARLs. The top 9 finalists also receive further, pre-determined winnings. (See 'Prices & Payouts')