Upon reaching maximum Prestige for their Class, Rookie and Veteran coaches become eligible for promotion. To promote an eligible coach, the owner will need to make an exchange with the Ocean Racing Coaches Association which involves sending an extra coach to the ORCA training facility as a fee. (as shown below) Metadata for the eligible coach may then be updated.
Promotion Exchange Visual
Conditions of Promotion:
  • Eligible Coaches include Prestige 3 Rookies & Prestige 4 Veterans only.
  • Extra Coach may be any Coach with any prestige of at least the same Class level as the Eligible coach.
  • Extra Coach will be sent to and become property of the Ocean Racing League.
  • Promoted Coach will be one Class level above the eligible coach and remain at the same Prestige level.
  • The only traits to change during Promotion will be Class (badge colour) and the colour of the Clothing trait (to match new Class).
  • Promoted coaches will have their Reef Points total reset to zero.
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