Your Ocean Racers perform better in certain oceans. Whether it's the water temperature, salinity, the ocean-scape or vegetation…the fact is…they perform better in home waters.
The "Advantage" trait can be seen as a home ocean advantage and all racers are assigned one of 13 zones:
Advantage Zones Visual
  • North Pacific
  • South Pacific
  • North Indian
  • South Indian
  • North Atlantic
  • South Atlantic
  • Pacific (both)
  • Indian (both)
  • Atlantic (both)
  • South (all 3)
  • North (all 3)
  • World Ocean (all zones)
  • None (no zones)
Each calendar month, the Ocean Racing League hosts it's events in a different Ocean. If a racers advantage matches the Ocean that ORL is hosting races in, your racer will receive the advantage of +2 Speed.
Advantage Calendar
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